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After 17 years working with and promoting Music Artists, Pacific Music Marketing is excited to expand this support to include the magical world of Art. We are pleased to be carrying and representing some exceptional Artists, Photographers and Publishers carrying their Art Cards and Prints. We introduced the new lineup at the Vancouver Gift Expo in September to enthusiastic response.

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New 2016 Catalogue introducing Floating Wall Art!

For the Spring Season we are very excited to introduce a brand new product, Floating Wall Art. With an image that is just beautiful and a clean thin base that allows the art to appear to float about one inch off of the wall. Similar in style to Aluminum Prints but at a way more accessible price point. Designs are available in 3 sizes and include some of our most popular art. You will also find Art Cards and more from new artists including renowned BC Painter EJ Hughes, Cat fan and painter Patti Dyck and Field Guides from Naturalist/Photographer Stuart Clarke.

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2017 Calendars

Check out the new 2017 calendar covers! We're happy to introduce E.J. Hughes along with a Vancouver Island Calendar. In addition we bring back strong sellers like West Coast, Sue Coleman and First Nations. Our Vancouver calendar cover had photographer Angus Macgillvray up in a helicopter over the city for our best Vancouver cover yet. Rounded out by Victoria and the Kootenays we also bring back Glenn Bartley's "Hummingbirds", and Douglas Knoblet's "Canadian Rockies Calendar" is now only $9.99 retail. Printed to high quality standards in BC by environmental award winning printers Digital Direct Printing.

2017 Calendar Order Form (right-click to download)


E.J. Hughes

Iconic Artist EJ Hughes who passed in 2007 continues to have his work inspire. A recent auction saw an original Hughes sell for over $300,000. We now have his art cards available for you to enjoy.

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Limited Edition Art Prints seem to making a come back. We are pleased to introduce Ray Bob's limited edition Prints with 12 designs in two sizes (12" x18" and 16" x 20") with editions limited at 50 each. The small print is $30 cost and the large ones are $50 cost.

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Stuart Clarke - Field Guide

For Bird enthusiasts -- both beginners and long time fans can enjoy Naturalist Stuart Clarke photo and Photoshop works on his Backyard Birds, Raptors, Pacific Coast and more. The posters have many species with the names beside them for easy identification. The 6x9 cards have no names on the front but a guide on the back. These are excellent education pieces. Available as posters, art cards, mugs and more!

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Patti Dyck

Painter Patti Dyck's love for cats comes through with her enjoyable and proven cat paintings. The Nanaimo Bar Cat includes a recipe for the dessert favorite on the back of the card, the magnet and the mug. 5x7 Art Cards, Mugs, Trivets, Coaster assorted set and more available.

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Mat Mania!

We have some great images matted in a single 11x14 mat; these are awesome photos as seen in some of our calendars. Featuring Iconic tourist scenes and beautiful wildlife.

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Art Gift Items

We have been expanding our product line to include many different gift products. Some of our art images are available on Coasters, Mugs, Shooter Glasses, Trivets (which can also be hung) as well as a variety of larger prints. Prints are available in 9" x 12" Matted Art Cards, 8" x 10" Matted Prints and 11" x 14" wood framed prints. Check out our sell sheet for product images!

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Sue Coleman Book

Sue Coleman's novel "Return of the Raven" was released on April 7th, 2013.
In the novel it is the year 2000 and something and the world is not what it was 500 years ago when Eagles and Ravens were revered. Time and modern science has changed the people of the West Coast. They no longer believe in the animal spirits and they no longer believe their own legends: the stories are forgotten, the young people no longer look up to the Raven, the bringer of the light, the transformer, the trickster, the creator. Those days are gone. In today's world, creation is in the hands of machines, computers are the transformers, the government is the trickster and a man called Thomas Edison was the bringer of the light. Then a Raven saved a frog from certain death by covering him with a maple leaf. He did the first transformation in over 500 years and the spirits flowed again. The trouble was he had no idea how he had done it.
"Return of the Raven" will be featured in the Summer edition of BC Bookworld.

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Pacific Music & Art Welcomes Andy Everson

We are excited to welcome Andy Everson to our line-up of great artists featured on our Art Gift Items. From early self-taught lessons, Andy has tried to follow in the footsteps of his Kwakiutl relatives in creating bold and unique representations that remain rooted in the age-old traditions of his ancestors. View Andy Everson flyer


Adonis Puentes "Sabor a Cafe"

Adonis Puentes was destined to be a music star. Sabor a Cafe, his latest CD and first collection of all self-composed original songs, fulfills the Cuban-Canadian singer's destiny. Adonis Puentes has been nominated for a Juno Award (Puentes Brothers) with his brother and garnered a Grammy Award nomination for his lead vocalist work with the nine-piece, L.A.-based Mongorama. It's a sensuous, profound recording with dramatic arrangements and a crystal clear studio sound. Adonis Puentes is a great singer and an elegant composer and lyricist grounded and nourished by his Cuban roots and worldly experience. Sabor a Cafe is a modern, Cuban music masterpiece.

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At Pacific Music & Art we are committed to bringing the best in music, DVD's, art cards, framed art and accessories to our customers. We provide the latest in new releases, classic music and film, product lines exclusive to Canada, specialty interest documentaries and stunning art at prices designed to generate the highest profit for our clientele.
Let us design a plan, tailor made for your retail space and customer demographic.

Please contact us anytime at: info@PacificMusicandArt.com

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